Wednesday, 7 June 2017

The perfect Açaï bowl

Here’s the post I’ve been meaning to do for a while… HOW TO MAKE THE PERFECT AÇAÏ BOWL! There are lots of places where you can get Açai bowls now but there are only a few places (where I am in Sydney) that I think do really good ones. I like to make my own because I can adjust the smoothie base to my taste and also add whatever toppings I want! It’s more economical to make it at home it’s so easy to do as well so I would highly recommend giving it a try! Earth To Table - Where I had my very first Açaï bowl. My favourite grawnola! My creation - I always like to add a crunchy granola and nut butter 😍 My creation - Adding coconut yogurt is delicious! Cocobliss - Perfect summer treat with mango and coconut yogurt. My creation - Try adding homemade muesli on top. Cocobliss - Use fruit as a topping for a fresh treat. Oh and some raw cacao sauce won’t hurt! My creation - Cacao and peanut butter… All time favourite flavour combo on anything! 😀 My creation - One of my first homemade Açaï bowls with my greenola 🙂 My creation - Add a crunchy element in your topping e.g. granola, nuts and cacao nibs. My creation - Banana, cacao and PB 👍 Yoga Bar - Strawberries work well as a topping! Bare Naked Bowls - Try adding goji berries as a topping 🙀 My creation - Passionfruit helps offset some of the sweetness 🙌 My creation - One of my first homemade bowls… I think I added some raw brownie 🤗 My creation - A recent bowl with my Black Forest base (see below)! My creation - Be generous with the toppings 🙃 My creation - Add raw slices/cakes to up your toppings game 👊 My creation - Probably my finest yet… One of my first creations when I got my new Vitamix blender… So creamy! My creation - Same but different 😉 Bare Naked Bowls - Perfect summer treat ☀️ Vida Surf Shop - Officially my favourite place for Açai in Sydney!!!!! The base is spot on 👌 My creation - How cute is my pineapple bowl? 😄 Ohana Acai Bar - Tried this in Perth! Cocobliss - Healthy and decadent treat 😍 I think the thing that determines the quality of an Açaï bowl is the texture. You need a base that is thick, creamy and full of flavour. Here are my five rules: Make sure all the base ingredients are frozen. This will give the base the thick result you are after - a runny base is not nice. Use a frozen Açaï sachet. This adds more substance to your base and again gives you a thicker result. You can use freeze-dried powder but this will not give it the same result. Bananas should be the main fruit ingredient. Frozen bananas will give the base a creamy texture. Blend with plant-based milk. I have found that most places will blend with coconut water or fruit juice - this results in a base that it is often sweeter (due to the natural sugars in the fruit) and more icy. I personally prefer a creamier base so my favourite liquid to add is soy milk but you can use any sort of plant-based milk. Also make sure you don’t add too much liquid - just enough for it to blend. Buy a good blender. I use a Vitamix and it does an amazing job at blending all the frozen ingredients together quickly so it does not melt and the result is so smooth. I also though I’d share one of my personal favourites. My ‘Black Forest Açaï Bowl’ (click on link) which I have featured a number of times. I like fewer ingredients in the base so this recipe is quite simple. It’s definitely my personal favourite Açai bowl recipe so I hope you enjoy it! Black Forest Açaï Bowl - A frozen banana - ½ cup frozen cherries (you can also use berries but I think this gives the best flavour combination) - 1 frozen Açaï sachet (I like to use the unsweetened kind) - ~¼ cup soy milk Put all ingredients into a high-power blender (I use a Vitamix). Blend on low with tamper and slowly increase speed until you get a smooth mix. Spoon into a bowl and serve with desired toppings.

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