Thursday, 19 February 2015

Ca-raw-mel Slice

So sometimes I tend to go a bit crazy with my breakfasts and add a slice of a raw dessert. I often make a batch and keep them in the fridge for those days when I want to make my breakfast bowl extra special.

One of my favourites is my Ca-raw-mel Slice. It goes really well with inca berries, coconut and cacao as pictured here. Or it's perfectly delicious on it's own as well!

I had the recipe for my Ca-raw-mel Slice featured on The Holistic Ingredient which was looking for recipes with mesquite. I'll do an Ingredient Spotlight post on this superfood soon and will post a pic of my creation in a breakfast bowl over the weekend... But in the meantime here's the recipe! Enjoy!

Ca-raw-mel Slice

Makes 12 squares of a healthy caramel slice!

1/2C walnuts
1/4C coconut flour
Pinch of salt
2 dates
Water, as needed

For the base process walnuts into a fine crumb in a food processor or blender. Add the coconut flour and salt and blitz to combine. Add dates and pulse until a rough dough forms. Carefully add the water a few drops at a time and pulse. The dough should hold together when pressed by should not be too wet so you may not need all of the water. Press into the base of lined tin and refrigerate.

1C dates
4 tsp mesquite powder
Pinch or two of salt
A few drops of vanilla extract*
2T coconut oil
Water, as needed

Put all the ingredients apart from the water into a clean food processor or blender to make the raw caramel. Blend until smooth. At this point the caramel will be very thick so slowly add water until the desired consistency is reached - it should be thick but spreadable. Pour onto the base and smooth over. Place back into the fridge to set.

Around 1/4C coconut butter
1T coconut oil
1T cacao powder
1T coconut syrup

Warm the coconut butter and then add all the other ingredients. Mix to combine. Let is cool slightly to thicken before pouring over the caramel layer. Let this final chocolate layer harden completely in the fridge or freezer before slicing into squares.

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